TCOB in the Yard

I'm kicking it into high gear trying to get my yard into a presentable fashion. And I keep biting off more than I can chew. Thankfully, I had the brains whilst trimming the front hedges to NOT try to pull them out just yet, and wait until the backyard is less...unfortunate looking. YOU SEE, all the bushes in my yard, the ones I delicately trimmed in hopes of green leaves, WERE DEAD. sly buggers. So out they came! The three bushes behind my garage though, they are some tough homies. They DID green up a bit, but some nice rabbits have been creating a home in them for the better part of what looks to be a century. So they look funny, top-leaf heavy n such. 

So I gathered various bush-trimming mechanisms and got to work. 4 hours of sweaty work (+a beer break with my neighbor) got me here:

I have tried EVERYTHING short of buying a truck to try and get these roots out. Saw? Sawzle? 2 different shovels? My next idea is to buy a dog and have him start digging? Thoughts?! ONWARD, come hell or high water these roots will be out this weekend. Or i'll be in the emergency room (jk mom i'm always safe :) )

But wait! That's not all! Remember that canopy gem that I destroyed and was going to build back a nice little herby vertical garden ditty?

WELL, i'm SO CLOSE. A few more tweaks and i'll be ready to plant. Hopefully by that time my new hostas will look less-sad.

Fingers crossed i'm SUPER PRODUCTIVE this weekend!

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