The Great De-Browing

My neighbor stopped over the other day, it seems whenever i'm outside I get at least one visitor wondering what i'm up to. I was removing the side panels on the canopy and let him know that later that day I was removing the window coverings and he goes "oh, you are taking off the eye brows?!" Love it.

So, here is where we left off after Monday's round of demo. This project, well all projects, reminded me to make sure you have the right tools (and know what tools you need) for the project. I tried taking this beast off a week ago, with the wrong tools. Thankgoodness my dad immediately knew of the perfect tool to get the job done making this a super painless process. The plan was that we'd remove the side screws, then the boyz would hold that up while I removed the middle screws and the support bracket. 

Back off ladies, he's mine. "What's wrong with being Sexay" - name that movie...

The screws were long, so we were able to get a nice forearm workout in. But after about a half an hour of de-screwing, we lowered the beast down!

The screws left some holes in the vinyl siding, which was fixed immediately (rain seems to be a daily occurrence) with some silicon. I was surprised at how nice the vinyl looked under the awning, half anticipating needing to replace a panel, so finger snaps for that. All it needed was a little power wash. Sidenote, powerwasher = best thing ever.

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