Happy FLAG DAY People!

Did you know President Wilson DECIDED flag day should be a thing? I'm sure the conversation was over a few too many beers whilst playing chess or riding a horse or something late at night. "Hey ya know what Bill, I think we should celebrate FLAGS, they just don't get the recognition they deserve." Now, don't think i'm downplaying flags here, I mean, AMERICA. But, isn't it kinda funny. I'm sure someone who didn't want to overstep his bounds around the president was like "okay Willy, that fine, but just not a FEDERAL holiday, mmkay?" To which he responded "Okay, BUT MAKE SURE THERE ARE PARADES!"

So, we adopted the flag in 1777, and in 1949 Flag day became a thing, full of parades.

Man waiving hat: Hey Mom look at my new red boots! I got them on sale, and LOVE the knee high length
Man Hoisting up the Flag: DID WE REALLY NEED AN 18FOOT LONG FLAG? This is so HEAVY. Why isn't this man behind me helping?? Is that a real eagle? IS IT COMING FOR ME? Maybe it'll hit the man behind me...*snicker*

So, I thought, HOW better to tip the hat to Mr. Wilson then to raise a flag ON FLAG DAY?! 

You see, THIS little gem was sitting perfectly on my property...and after digging up two poles in my back yard (ugh, clotheslines YOU WIN), i'm not about to start that jig again. And I think it'd just be SUPER AMERICAN of me to have that flag out there. But don't think for a second I didn't consider a pirate flag, because that would be AWESOME. I just don't want to resurrect another Barbary war (sorry for getting so historical on you guys today...). There were also talks of various European & State flags and I found a school patrol flag that would have been HILLARIOUS. Maybe i'll MAKE a flag someday, with like a family crest on it or something. 

ANYWAYS, so up she went, on this Flag Day. Finger snaps for the dead bushes in the background - enjoy the next few weeks, because once i'm home, you are first on my list to tackle. Literally.

p.s Off to travel the world for a few weeks, I'll be posting some travel tips whilst i'm away! 

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