HOSTA la vista dead shrubbery

Let's rewind this train a bit, remember what we started with?

I trimmed back the dead plants in hopes they would magically come alive, installed a rain barrel, removed the sides of the canopy, took down the eye brows, and started reconstructing the canopy

Well, spoiler, ALL the plants around my house are dead-zo. The boy and I ripped out all the plants next to my house, and I started on the bushes behind the garage - and got as far as I could with a pair of snippers and a handsaw.

That took around 6 hours spread over 3 days. These guys were unruly, and I needed to call in the big guns to finish 'er off. SO! The parents stopped over this past weekend to help me put a fork in my little landscaping project. My great aunt Betty was nice enough to donate some plants to the cause, which has helped me turn my landscaping from brown to green! My father and I started the day destroying the roots behind the garage. It took some hardcore yanking/cutting/crowbar-ing to get them loose.

Whilst we worked on that, my mother worked on the side of my garage, placing some plants that will grow tall in the space covering up the concrete base, but not blocking the sidewalk.

Then we set the rest of the plants around the house, fingers crossed they all make it in my rocky-landscaping!

Behind the garage we went from THIS:


But I think my favorite is this shot:

Its a few steps up the improvement ladder from this:

The 4 larger pieces of wood were gems found in my attic #reuse. I like that they are a little organic in shape - especially that 'live edge' on the bottom right.

zomg caprese sammies ALL DAY.

Once all the plants start to take root and fill out it's going to be a green OASIS back there. And I love it. Next on the list is to tackle the HORRIBLE edging choices that have been made in the past. Basically any rock in sight was a victim to the edging catastrophe. They stick up and out into the sidewalk, which made it SUPER fun to shovel last winterpocolypse. I have been removing them as I go, but it seems that project is (like most) one where you find more projects just by ripping things up. Like a hidden garden taken over by grass? Anyone need some 800 year old pavers?...They are free if you rip them out :)

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