Chiang Mai till we die (no one died)

Post-gallivanting for 48 hours in Siem Reap, we took a Tuk Tuk to the airport to fly north to Chiang Mai. It's about an hour and some change north (by plane) of Bangkok. Google search 'awesome places to go in Thailand' and this place will pop right up. On our list of 'must do whilst in Thailand' was jungle trekking and taking a cooking class, both of which we were able to check off in this city. BOOM

We arrived in the evening and were pretty beat, so we spent our first night just chillin', because we all knew the next few days would be pretty packed. We stayed at the Green Tiger Vegetarian House. I would HIGHLY recommend this place! Although we didn't cash in on all of the amenities (pool, bar, restaurant), they had a very nice and accommodating staff (like, when the ceiling was leaking above my bed someone was up at 3am to help!), and they had DOWN COMFORTERS. This might sound insignificant, but I think we all slept the best here, other hostels had a sheet/towel/silk throw for us to snuggle up to. So this was bliss. Also, a concrete bathroom, which I loved.

Copy/Paste into my house, please.
Our first day was a combination of site seeing and a cooking class at night. The owners of the hostel have a van and were nice enough (well, we paid them) to take us to Doi Suthep/ Wat Phrathat, which is a temple at the top of a hill (and then the top of 300 steps). It took about 20 minutes to get there, and he stopped at a scenic overlook on the way up, such a guy.

Sup, Chiang Mai

gold on gold on gold on gold
Just being artsy fartsy
Cute skirt Joc (the provided fashionable temple cover-up)

Daniel (our driver) was then nice enough to drop us off at the local market, where we walked around, ya know, as the locals do. We grabbed a few snacks for lunch and then walked back to the hostel. 

Sidenote: NO ONE in this country walks. We were always the only ones on the janky-at-best sidewalks and tuk tuks/trucks would constantly stop next to us as if we were wanting a ride (we never said uncle until we got lost, which happened EVERYtime). People in this country were kindof...lazy? It was probably the raging heat that made them say "haha,  no" to walking everywhere, but there were a few times where I had to WAKE people up to pay for things. "Umm sorry to bother you AT WORK, but can you wake up and give me some change for this water? I know its 2 in the afternoon but..."

idk what that was or what was in it but IT WAS GOOD.
Post-market/getting lost/getting in a 'taxi'/getting lost again (sidenote: have directions to your hostel in Thai!) we got ready for a night of stuffing our faces with the best Thai food in the WORLD (because we are basically top chef's). We went through Basil's Cookery for the class, it included a pick up from our hostel, trip to the market, and some scrumptious meals. 

We can only get like 80% of this in Ammerrrica
Making coconut milk like a BOSS
We were taught how to make Curry,  Pad Thai, MANGE STICKY RICE, and SO much more. SIX meals in total, plus dessert, we were ROLLING out of that place we were so full. The rest of the night was spent in post-food coma bliss (aka not moving), until we realized we'd need to pack for tomorrow - Jungle Trek: Survivor Edition.

haha, elephant butts. We went through Travel Hub for our day excursion. This included a stop at a butterfly conservatory (because, when in Chiang Mai?!), elephant riding/feeding/obsessing, lunch under a hut in the middle of the jungle (Pad Thai served in a banana leaf FTW), hiking to a waterfall, SWIMMING under the water fall, white brown water rafting, BAMBOO rafting, and a stop at a local village. Phew. 

Elephants, tryin' ta get some grub
"Hey buddy, here's a banana!" *Grabs entire bag, eats everything, spits out plastic bag* YOUTHS.
The waterfall we hiked to, then swam under, like whaaaaaaaaat.
So we got picked up around 8am and hopped in the back of a truck (think: pick up truck with bench seats and an awning)- something totally illegal in America - and headed out for the day. It was amazingbeautifulomgsomuchfun. 

I would HIGHLY recommend a day trip like this in Chiang Mai, it's like, the thing to do mmkay. SO, after a FULL day of events, knowing that it was our last night in Chiang Mai, we mustered up enough energy (thanks Tiger Beer) to head to the Sunday market (obvi we planned our trip perfectly to make it to the best market of the week there...). It's basically a street blocked off FULL of vendors. We spent a few hours there making it BAHTrain before swan diving into our beds.

What Coup?!
I wish that Elephant painting would have fit in my pack!
Mango Sticky Rice ALL DAY.
Phew, and THAT's how you spend 48 hours in Chiang Mai! There is SO much to do in this city, if we had a few more days we would have probably adopted a few Elephants and set them free into the jungle, but not before swimming with them and teaching them to pick us up with their trunks *life dream*.

Next stop: THAI ISLANDS. zomg.

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