What day is it?

Somehow, by sheer luck at times, we are home. We arrived home at 6:45am on Sunday morning, 36 hours after leaving our hostel in Bangkok (and 18 hours after we were SUPPOSED to arrive, thanks DELTA, *hugs*...). As I begin to go through my photos, the trip doesn't even seem real, like, we were really there? I really jumped off a cliff and swam where Leo Dicaprio did?! We saw some beautifulamazing places and experienced a third world country in stride - learning SO MUCH - all of which I cannot wait to share. HOWEVER, a 12 hour time zone change is HARD, my body has been like "what time is it where are you what day is it?" since I left amerrrica 2.5 weeks ago. So, as I reaccustom myself to not being wide awake at 3 am, here are a few snaps/insta's from the past few weeks, teasers if you will, whilst I sift through a million photos :)

Have a great 4th of July you silly Americans!

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