A date with my crow bar

Some friends of mine are crazy homeowners and gutting basically their whole first floor (FUN, lol). During a day of demo one said to the other "Jenn would love this"...DUH. Demo is such a great stress reliever. Oh, you run off stress? Try taking a demo hammer to some concrete and seeing the fruits of your work IMMEDIATELY. So, is it strange that i'm looking forward to ripping apart my basement in the coming weeks?! If you think that, MAYBE you should come join, it'll be a blast :)

No, the walls do not have a faux finish on them, that's OLD water damage....and so is that peeling ceiling :)
HA, but seriously, i'm going to be ripping the ceiling down in the basement (because...maybe there's gold hiddin in there, and i'll need that to fund the rest of the renovations) ASAP. The ceiling has some awesome water damage, and using OSB (basically wood chips glued together) for a ceiling DOESN'T handle that well #duh. So the workroom is going to be seeing some...work, and i'm super jacked to start. I was...surveying? the area and my brain started vomiting SO many ideas for the basement. FULL BATHROOM?! ADD a BEDROOM?! Is that POSSIBLE? WHO CARES LET'S DO IT ANYWAYS!!! Picture me dancing around an "unfinished" basement, hugging the walls, twirling with fallen cables and opening the windows to let wildlife in on the fun. 

I know these crazy dreams won't come true for a few years BUT I THINK IT'LL WORK OUT. Maybe that's just the paint fumes talking but I like what they are saying, so i'm STICKING with it. 

In the mean time, since words are boring and pictures are fun, here's some 'before' and 'during' shots for you (because I FINALLY got a tripod so my images are not the WORSTish anymore...we'll at least i'm working on it!)


Great memories of sawing that couch in half. 

Those drapes though....

I'd say this room is about 60% done, here's what I have left to tackle. 
>>Redesign the closet to be more useful
>>Paint all the train white (gasp), and the front door (or restain?)
>>Add overhead light, or larger overhead lamp contraption
>>Replace the outlets with some from this century
>>Re-route the switches so I don't turn the tv off with the light switch

Carpet in the bathroom though!!

Finishing touches:
>>New light fixture
>>Replace outlets
>>Stain window frame
>>Add a fan?!


This room is about 5% done, and I only say that because of the struggle it was to get the drapes down haha
>>Paint the paneling WHITE
>>Repair the walls & Paint
>>New light fixture
>>Replace the outlets

My GOAL for this fall/early winter is to tackle the workroom and laundry room. THEN THE FUN PART: Kitchen/dining room. The cabinets are *hopefully* going to get a baller refinish job and I want to test it out on the laundry cabinets in case it was a hard fail and I can be like "lol jk, we're gunna get NEW cabinet fronts." BUT in the mean time, I have a few tiny upgrades in the kitchen coming up! 

p.s. One of my favorite parts of blogging is that it motivates me to document this process of updating my house. Looking through photos from last winter's demo when I just moved in...LOL that was awesome. So glad I have that captured :) kthxbye

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