The 6 month mark: a time to hang curtains

LOL to the timeline for completing projects I wrote up before moving in. "oh yeah, so i'll start with the upstairs then i'll finish the laundry room before winter and then overhaul the kitchen in the winter"..... Things I forgot to account for in that projects that take inability to make decisions....SUMMER.

SO, when the 6 month marker rolled around my head started spinning "FINISH ALL THE PROJECTS NOW." I had to have a little pep talk with myself...1. It's okay that you haven't touched your laundry room even though you said it'd be done by now. 2. just pick a freeekin paint color, you can always change it out. 3. holes in the wall can be patched, girl.

After I barrel rolled off the plane from Thailand, I started a list of shizz I wanted done ASAP. Hang some curtains/art to make it look like semi-adults live here, paint the bathroom...but first, sleep.

So, first the curtains. I wanted some for my bedroom, but with my inability to make decisions I looked in my fabric pile and BEHOLD, an unused duvet cover #reuse.

haha the nice staging that SOLD me on the house. After my mom victoriously tore down all of the old/dusty curtains I was left with those vinyl shade deals...and OF COURSE one of them kept breaking so it was perpetually closed/cave like in my room. AND with the windows open and breeze coming through they flap around, which wasn't awesome.

So BOOM, I sewed curtains out of a duvet. Turned out OKAY.

I also wanted to get rid of the grody blinds in the bathroom. What's a bummer about these is that they block ALL the awesome south light that could come in, but it's kind awkward if someone's in the backyard "hey, just uh, filing some paperwork here." So solution: window skirts (not a technical term). Also, this was my backup fabric, the front runner was cut too short (measure once cut twice? wait...shoot...). So it's highly likely this fabric will be replaced...laterz though.

SEE WHAT ELSE HAPPENED IN THERE? The bathroom was turning into an abstract painting. I REALLY wanted coral in here, but every color made the room feel dark/like a child's room, and i'm totes an adult (LOL). I LOVED the coral/orange moment (favorite swatch name: THAI ICED TEA!), but I figured it might be too over bearing, so I went boring and chose a light grey.

The middle color won. #spoiler Also, it is bad that the light switch cover is growing on me??...

See? Kinda dark huh? Also, the last picture, I darkened the window frame and now I can't wait to do that in real life. I think it'll look SERW much better.

I realize that the color I chose wasn't TOO different than what was initially there. But, a new coat of paint just makes rooms feel fresh (and covers up weird holes in the walls), and it's less blue and more grey so whatevs. IT'S DONE.

Now that summer is winding down *tear*, there are a few pre-6monthsofsnow items that need to be's the part in the home renovation story where I become a skillful concrete-patcher. Stay tuned for that hot mess...

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