Trash to Treasure: The Jewelry Edition

SO GUESS WHAT. My house and I have been together for six WHOLE months. It's been a rocky relationship, we are seeking therapy, but i'm pretty sure we'll make it. I WAS going to post then (when I moved in) and now (semi-legit living quarters) pics, BUT a throat/cold mess attacked me in the face on Monday debilitating me from getting ANYTHING done. So, wait for that next weekish?!

I keep everything (duh), and I love finding ways to reuse materials. So when I had this jewelry display that I wanted to redo (the ribbon wasn't so easy at catching earrings), and saved some wire mesh from the concrete reinforcement from this demo, I knew it was a match made in jewelry heaven (an actual place).

Here is what we started with, only it was still in post-move condition (in a pile in the basement, sans jewls). I took out the peg board (if you've seen my house, there is already enough of that going around), and snipped the metal mesh to size.

Turns out garden scissors are not strong enough for this! Off to the hardware store to buy new metal snips!

I was going to use staples to attach it, but the wavyness of the mesh wasn't cooperating, so I brought out the big guns: construction adhesive.

Yeah, that's not going anywhere. I put some weight on it and let it dry for a few days before coating it with some white semi-gloss rustoleum paint.

Moral of the story: Keep everything, you'll eventually glue it all together and paint it white. Recipe for great things right there people.

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