Baller Status: Feral Hearts

So back in Kindergarden, ya know, a few years ago, I met this chick and I was all "let's be besties" and she's like okay crazy. WELL. Fast forward twentyish years and this chick has some MAD TALENT in the photography department. She finally pulled the trigger on showing the world her shizz and I COULDN'T be more proud. SO, for the first installment of BALLER STATUS, I present: Feral Hearts

Picture Illegally taken from her website. 

Picture Illegally taken from her website. 
SO, Go check out her website, follow her on Instagram, e-mail her and say "girl you rock, wanna take pictures of me climbing mountains?" or just send her mad juju across the air waves. Finger snaps for finding your passion and running with it - you go girl.

^^Photos from last week's camping trip are up, and amazing!

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