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So, as mentioned, a kitchen overhaul is approaching in the next few months (year?!). As i'm looking at different products/fixtures/appliances I keep going back to a farmhouse style sink, not necessarily for the overhang of it, I think i'd need to go with a smaller model to not feel like my kitchen is just one large sink #smallkitchenproblems - but I love the white ceramic style. Picture white cabinets, wood counters, modern tile backsplash, new appliances and a white farmhouseish sink.

THEN, I walked into my kitchen was like, wait.

With a new set of eyes, I saw my kitchen sink. I was always in the mindset of replacing it. BUT, I think the faucet/dingy color was FOOLING me all long to thinking I needed to. I'm still not sold on a faucet, but in the mean time I can at least MAKE it look newish. I've tried SO many cleaners in the past to try and clean this hot mess:

 UNTIL....BAR KEEPERS FRIEND came into my life and was like, wassup girl? I got this.


Now, a faucet!

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