The First Cut is the Deepest

baby I KNOWW...

So, the great basement demo of 2014 hath commenced. If you recall, there was at one point in this house's life, some water damage. It appears the exterior has been 'fixed' (I'll re-fix later, but water didn't seep in this past winter/spring, so, win!) but the interior was left in all it's water damaged glory.

You may have also noticed THREE different patterns of VCT on the floors in the last few images. It's like they couldn't choose JUST ONE pattern because they are all sooooo good...

Ceilings were sagging in random areas, and the walls were looking pretty scary.

Have you watched those house flipping shows on TV? Where it's the first day of demo and they find like 10k in issues? *crow bar to wall* "oh, look! Knob and Tube wiring! Asbestos everywhere! Structural walls preventing the ever loved, OPEN CONCEPT!" First of all, the whole "OMG WHAT!" is starting to get old. YOU KNOW what to expect SCOTT. Homes built in certain areas in certain time periods are designed/built in RELATIVELY similar fashions. Like, finding asbestos in my house was like "yeah, okay, figured. (but still sucks)." Building materials come and go (peace out lath and plaster, hellllooo drywall), and ALL of this is documented (interwebs FTW).

BUT, then there are the curve balls. The previous homeowners turned (non-licensed) general contractors out there. My kinda people, ya know. Spoiler, there was an addition added to my house some decades ago- have I mentioned that? SO, the questions is, WHEN.

sidebar: this house was owned by a couple who never had children. the husband died around 20 years ago, according to the estate holder (who was the niece's husband). he worked for some establishment where he built things - not sure what things - but things. he also worked from home, which explains the garage/workroom set up. there is an intercom from the garage to the workroom to the kitchen "honey, time for lunch!" there was also a box of VERY old epoxy paint in the garage, along with MANY random objects left in the basement rafters (still there...). i'm 80% sure he built all of the cabinets in the house, and there are outlets for every power tool imaginable in the basement/garage. so he must have been a powerhouse. i'm also fairly certain the house killed him, knowing the products he chose and (i'm sure) installed himself. 

The house was built in 1953 and I found a box in the basement of leftover VCT tiles with a written date on it for 1977. So i'm assuming that's when the addition was built.

ALL this to say: What's in the ceiling?? The ceiling in the workroom is topped with a flat roof, which appears to have been re-coated in the later half of this century. BUT, what was below that? Rotten joists from water damage??  NO insulation?  MOLDY insulation?? Asbestos insulation??? The ceiling material is definitely not dude.

WELL. It wasn't AS BAD as I thought, THANKFULLY. I started ripping the ceiling down (which, underlayment was used as a ceiling (LOL), so, MESSY process), out of curiosity and found STYROFOAM as the insulation. LOL. Styrofoam is more expensive/ relation to other insulation methods, but still has a pretty good R value. One thing it is GREAT at, is keeping water out. So NONE of the Styrofoam has water damage! Finger snaps for not having to re-insulate!

So once I was happyish with that, I moved to the walls. YOU SEE, about 50% of the walls in this room are covered, either by the same underlayment (BTW, this is basically wood chips glued together, 3/4" thick) as the ceiling, or peg board. The walls under the underlayment are in pretty decent shape, a few minor cracks to cover. The the stuff under the peg board? Not so much.

As I ripped out the peg board a waterfall of concrete fell with it. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....Basically, concrete blocks were used as the foundation (typical) but then they skim coated it with a layer of concrete to 'look better'...unfortunately overtime, water gets stuck between the layers, the lime deposits get separated from the concrete mixture and the outer layer started crumbling. Nothing structural, so i'll just be chiseling away at the loose parts and leaving the rest #vintagetextureFTW

This isn't the WORST possible thing, but at the beginning of projects you just want rainbows and unicorns to appear and everything to go fast and smooth. WHATEVER. I just keep thinking of how this place is going to look when i'm done and I get all EXCITED again.

So, what WILL it look like?! HOW WILL we get there?? no idea...
>>remove underlayment from ceiling and EVERYTHING on the walls.
>>clean walls and brush out crumbling concrete
>>patch concrete, prep for drylok
>>paint on drylok to seal up the walls
>>prep VCT floors (they contain asbestos, so they're stayin put!) for PAINT! (gasp!)
>>install new ceiling! (beadboard?! PLANK!?)
>>install trim
>>New Lights! New shelves!
>>Organize my BRAINS out.

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