Project Distractions...

I feel like it was summer when we went to sleep and then BAM by morning fall was like "wassup want some pumpkin shoved into your face?" I'm not ready, are you? Don't get me wrong, fall is my FAV time of year, but didn't it feel like summer was like 2 weeks long? Not fair.

I was deep in the trenches of the 'ol basement ceiling removal when my neighbs came over and was like..."sooo...I saw a mouse." Once I was done freaking out he told me it was outside *relief*..BUT a woman down the street is INFESTED (his word, not mine), which basically made me vomit. Looking out for me (and his garage), in a good neighborly way, he suggested I move a nice little rock pile I've acquired over the summer with a few de-landscaping moves. So, there went 2 nights shoveling rock and dumping it in a dumpster down the street (thanks to another neighb that is demoing some concrete and luckily had a dumpster on site!).

Anyone need some pavers?!

I get so very distracted when working in my basement (aka loose motivation SO FAST). I'm still finding things lodged in the ceiling the previous owner left behind. In my furnace...alcove...there are a few cabinets (shocking). I turned on all the lights, put on gloves and a mask (I have an irrational fear that things hide in cabinets just to jump out at me) and opened them up, as in, I haven't opened them before. My inspector probably has, I assume? But, unless I put each material possession I own in a single cabinet I will NEVER be able to fill all the cabinets in this house. ANYWAYS. I found a few boxes of VCT tile! YAY....jk. BUT, this discovery did save me some dollabillz (I don't have to test the tiles anymore!). YOU SEE, the basement is COVERED in VCT tile. Not just one, but THREE different, equally ugly, styles. IDEALLY i'd rip them all out to attach the new flooring to the concrete. HOWEVER. Right on the box it said "VCT ASBESTOS TILE" *perma grumpy face* Anyone need a few boxes of VCT tile from the 70's?.....crickets....

Whatever, YOU CAN STAY. But don't think ima paint you (did you know you can paint over this? With outdoor porch paint?! COOL HUH?), or cover you in REAL tile, or carpet or crayon or SOMETHING. 

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