When you give a girl new clothes...

Once upon a time, a girl went shopping for some new fall clothes (also, a new mall opened up in Eagan...so I HAD to check it out...). She scored some great deals and came home staring at an already overflowing closet, wondering if she needs to buy a new house with larger closet space. She investigated (read: emptied out) the closet a bit more and found it wasn't being used to it's potential! AND! It was really dirty (a result of never being painted when the bedroom was painted #lazypainters)...

So, with a basement full of leftover paint and wood scraps, she fancied herself some shelves. 

NOW There's PLENTY of room for new clothes! Donating a few bags of clothes also helped the cause... :)

Building shelving is a quick and easy thing to do. ALL you need is a drill, a stud finder and a level (oh, and wood). Home Depot can cut the wood pieces down for your so NO saws needed! Drill pilot holes into the wood supports before attaching them to the wall (A pilot hole is a hole drilled into the wood a little smaller than the screw. This prevents the wood from splitting when you insert the screw). If you can't attach to a stud, use some drywall anchors. Make sure you check for level after every step!

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