Let's chat about the KITCHEN!

I'm all over the place with this whole house renovation deal. So, let's cool it on the laundry room for a hot second and talk about this kitchen for a smidgy bit (!!!!!!!!!). SO, here's what we're twerkin with from the beginning of time:

The cabinets. THE CABINETS. They are huge (good!) and custom (good!) and made of solid wood (good!), BUT! They are SUPER 60's and just WON'T go with the modern vibe I hope to bring into this space in the next century. HOWEVER, I almost gave in and just painted them after I saw the kitchen renovations from A Beautiful Mess...here and here (painted flat panel doors), but alas! I went with new. SO, Cabinet frames = good. Doors = not so good.

Also, I wanted self-closing doors, none of this weird door grabbing business (that NEVER works).

THE DRAWERS. Same deal: good wood, solid blah blah blah. UNFORTUNATELY, they don't have those schnazzy tracks on them that we take for granted UNTIL we don't have them and then it's like "would you like a fork?" SQUEEKERRRKHAG *nails on chalk board* "here you go!"

SO, new drawers with slides. BOOM.

OF COURSE, i've been researching my brains out with how to refinish these bad boys. I want to go white, BECAUSE, the kitchen doesn't have any windows (the adjacent dining room DOES) so having white cabs will make up  for that. Brighten this bad boy up a bit. SO, paint. I've read basically every tutorial on the interwebs about refinishing cabinets, horror stories and all. #superpreparer. I have found this to be the best way to go abouts it:

Step 1: Sand cabinets down a bit
Step 2: Wipe down with liquid deglosser
Step 3: Primer (Stain Blocking Zinsser Smart Prime has been best recommended)
Step 4: Paint (Benjamin Moore's Advance Paint has been best recommended)

OMG How many different shades of WHITE are there?! (hint: more than whats pictured)
People have tried various methods to paint their cabinets. Only a few have tested the waters of a paint sprayer, and although it would be the fastest method, I don't think it's the method i'll be taking. SO MANY have mentioned horror stories of paint splatters, not watering it down enough, and THE CLEAN UP. So, while that might take less time in the end, I want to make this kitchen renovation as long and painful as possible: so i'll paint by hand. It's recommended to use a 2" brush, and a foam roller.

HERE'S what i'm thinking. Flat recessed panel cabinets. Painted white with some chrome jewelry. Countertops: i'm thinking butcher block on the main area, and a dark granite or a soapstone at the top buffet area. Then a little tile jazzy backsplash and some GREIGE paint for the walls! Still noodling the sink (probs will go with a farmhouse style, or a nice deep stainless), light fixtures, and appliances! Baby steps...

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