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If you have been stalking this blogger for awhile now, you may have remembered a little change up I wanted to make like, oh, 9 months ago in the laundry room. YOU SEE, laundry is one of those chores that I don't MIND doing, but don't love. The past 2 rentals i've lived in, the laundry rooms have been in a spider-infested dungeon with really creepy rooms I had to pass through (toilet in a closet? octopus looking furnace?). So I THINK if I don't have to do laundry in such a place i'll like it better? THEN, I saw A spider in my laundry room and was all OH NO NOT AGAIN. But, I mean, this IS the basement of a house. REGARDLESS. I have a theory. IF I clean up the laundry room, make it look/actually BE functional - I might be OKAY with doing laundry, a little more.

SO, the quest begins. First things first, minimize the gap between the washer and dryer (oh the HORROR of walking 5 feet with wet laundry). This meant having to deal with a dryer vent, gas line, water line(s) AND waste line - OY! So I called my dad and was all "I need supervision so I don't blow up my house...i'll make lunch?" AND GUYS, it only took ONE trip to Home Depot to accomplish this *DIY blogger finger snaps*

Thankfully the gas line was around 800 feet long already, so moving it 3 feet over was NBD. The dryer vent was held together with insulative tape and alot of love, so we picked up a 4' piece of dryer duct, and slapped on some tape (and love!) to extend that bad boy.

To extend the water line, we picked up 2 extra hoses and a connector (they only had 4' water hose lines (I needed 8'), so....2+2. and a nice little tuber for the waste to go a few extra feet.

NOW, it doesn't look GREAT yet, so shush. BUT we are getting there, baby steps. SUPER baby steps, because after we moved the washer we were all in unision like "OMG WHAT IS THAT."

**If you are eating, sorry**

YEAH, idk, super mega grease or something? It looks like something spilled on the side wall and dripped down to hang out for around 60 years. After 2 days of scrubbing (Cleaner, Baking soda, Mineral Spirits, Curse words) it looks...better?

IDK, but this room will EVENTUALLY have some swanky tile on the floors so WHATEV.

Ideally, i'd rush into painting the walls/cabinets, BUT! There is a small kitchen update brewing that is speaking louder to me :)...more later!

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