Nothing is safe in this house + Building a Coat Rack

I snapped these photos last January, when I first laid eyes on the house. And in the 11 months that have passed, nothing has changed. Which, isn't a far cry from MANY other spaces in the house, but few are used as often as this one. 

The laundry room renovation is going to happen...over time. The first step is to make it super functional, the second is to make it look goooooooood.

One thing that is nice about moving slowly with renovations, is that you can live in the space long enough to understand how you need/want to use it. This room has a door which leads out to the backyard/garage, and will be a great place to track in winter snow (the upstairs side entrance is smaaaaallll, and i'm forever nerv about ruining the floors with winter salt). Here is the other side of the laundry room:

What? You don't have a shower in your laundry room?! This was the one SUPER weird thing that came with the house. Obviously they wanted a 3br/2ba listing, and to get the FULL bathroom (the rest of the bathroom is around the corner) they would need a shower!

But yeah, we don't need that creepy curtain anymore.

So down came the curtain/rack, moved the shoe rack over, now I just needed a place to hang some jackets, because Minnesota winter and all. 

I had some leftover wood from the tool bench project, so I came up with a plan to have a bench/coat rack in the gap between the shoe rack and the workroom 'door'. This way, we can come in the basement door full of winter, unload and walk upstairs.

I used a bunch of 2x4 scrap, some plywood and particle board. Gettin' creative with scrap wood. ALSO, I used PILLOWS. 

YOU SEE, I am a self proclaimed ORGANIZED hoarder. So, when we sawed a couch in half last winter:

And by WE I mean my dad, I just pose for blurry pictures and then get scared and hand it off. ANYWAYS, I kept the cushions/pillows and have been hoarding them in the back corner of my base SINCE then. WHY you ask?! BECAUSE batting/foam is $$ aaaaaand this was FREE, yo. SO, when I needed some cush for a little bench seat, I unearthed the cushions and got to work. #saveallthethings. Nothing is safe from a little remake in this house.

SO, here's the basics in making a bench seat - start with a base (wood)....

Add some cush (I alternated the break in batting each layer).

Staple all the things. (That wood paneling though!!)

Add some left over, scrap fabric.

Staple all the things, again.

Get creative with the corners.


Still with me? K, i'll skip over the how-do build the coat rack deal, since it was based on wood I had on hand, ya know - make it work.

More changes came in the Laundry room this past weekend - but this post is FAR too long so come back laterz kbye!

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