I CAN'T believe Christmas is ALREADY next week! It's like December started yesterday. You've got ONE WEEK to put snow on the ground weather man. #whitechristmas.

I started and finished my holiday shopping in just TWO days. It had to be two, because half way into it, on the first day, I got SUPER hangry and almost went grinch all over the place. Also, if you need a good laugh today, I have a bruise on my knee from walking INTO a bench whilst power-shopping. Bench won. #spoileralert. 

SO, ya having peeps over during the holidays?! Need a fun centerpiece for people to oogle over? You could, make some fun candle holders with concrete. Or drink some wine and melt peppermints? OR, you could venture into the depths of the copper isle at Home Depot and make a candle holder!

 So, BASICALLY typical taper candles are 3/4" thick at the end. So whatever you do, however you make this, reduce it down to that size to fit the candle. This project can be done a bajillion ways. I found some pieces of copper in my basement, as one does, and borrowed this handy tool from faja to cut the pipe down to smaller pieces. You can skip this step and buy pre-cut pieces, or have the handy peeps at HD cut them down for you - WHATEVS.

 SO, here's what I had in mind - candle holder for 4 candles:

 4 - 4" piece copper
3 - 3" piece copper
2 - 2" piece copper
4 Elbow
2 T's

I happened to have 3/4" copper, you can go bigger or smaller, but just get a reducer for the tip for the candle to fit in. This will all make sense when you are hanging out in the copper isle for 30 minutes... :)

If you were my father, you'd weld these together. BUT, they were snug enough to stand on their own sans-weld, thankfully.

It's like a 3D jigsaw puzzle for adult crafters, try it!

I really liked the height on it, but sometimes you gotta drop it lowwww amiright?


 To further decorate your little centerpiece, steal some shrubbery from the outside, add candles and BOOM, ya done.

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