Demo: The Kitchen Edition

Things have been rocking full steam ahead with the 'ol kitchen makeover. I left you off here, and went over some ideas on the space. Since then, I turned the spare bedroom into a make-shift kitchen and started hammering away. First I removed all of the cabinet doors and drawers - tackling as much prep as I could before the big guns stepped in to help remove the counter top. As I've mentioned before, things are built in this house to withstand a zombie apocalypse, so all hands on deck for big demo projects.

We took out the sink (after removing 800 clips in the tightest under-sink area #smallhandsneeded), and then hammered away at the counter top. Initially, I thought the larger counter was built like the breakfast bar (which we took out last weekend) - nails through the top then covered in laminate. So that once I removed the laminate and pulled the 3" nails out, the counter would pop right up! LOL. no.

After realizing that the small 1" nails that were coming up were not long enough to go through the 2" counters I took a sledge hammer and pounded the counters up, revealing about 20 large nails hidden from the top view. WELL, there were actually TWO counters going on here. One was nailed down 'normally' to the cabinets, then a sheet of plywood was set over with about 4,000 nails in it. The laminate went over this. Got it? ANYWHO, destroyed that. Well, not me particularly, the boy and father took charge here. I just ran around yelling "DON'T DESTROY THE CABINETS!!" and, "AH! SLOW DOWN!" All that was damaged was the disposal switch and the cutting board supports, NBD.

See, the pretty Avocado Green counters!

THEN! We cut a hole to install a DISHWASHER! No photos for this because I was nervous in the other room while the dream team (My dad and his friend Roger) sawzal-ed my cabinets apart (they were built as one piece, not separate boxes like they are made today) and routed the edges all nice like. As you can tell from the images above, there wasn't a dishwasher there previously. THANKFULLY the cabinet size was 18". Standard dishwashers are 24", but there are baby 18" ones out there too - score! It looks SO AMAZING. Might be my favorite addition to the kitchen during the renovation (Thanks Dad for pushing me to get one!), jury is still out until I get my faucet hooked up :)

THEN! Since that isn't enough work to get done in one weekend, we started to rough-install the cabinet doors/drawers. Which is TRICKY when none of the cabinets are super square. A few will need to be adjusted, all will need to be sanded and painted (what? you don't like the two toned wood?). I ordered all new doors & hardware, and made the drawer boxes (out of white melamine, a nice wipe-able surface) and drawer fronts (out of the same poplar wood as the doors).

Once the Melamine is cut, edging is added to the raw sides for a nicer finish

Then the boxes are assembled (the raw sides pictured here will be covered by the drawer front and glides), and fingers are crossed that they fit! Only 2 didn't in my batch, pretty good odds for my first rodeo.

Now comes the dance of  sanding, painting, sanding, painting, sanding, painting, painting, poking my eyes out, painting. 

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