Repairing Laminate Counters

Phase 1 (lol) of the kitchen renovation was new cabinet doors and to paint all the things. Done. two weeks tops, refreshed kitchen ready to go. Then. THEN, people came out of the wood work saying things like...."well, why not just get new countertops NOW, since you'll need to pull them up to install the drawers?" and, "if you're replacing the countertops NOW then you should cut in for a dishwasher too, oh yes, you should get a dishwasher." OKAY PEOPLE, I caved. So Phase 1 QUICKLY turned into a full blown overhaul.

I mention this BECAUSE I had a post ready about how to repair laminate countertops, but then we ripped those out HA. BUT, i'm going to share ANYWAYS, because I learned something while I did it and I want you to learn ALL THE THINGS, too.

You see, the countertops were starting to pop up all grody like. So, assuming that construction adhesive can solve all problems, I globbed it on, let it sit over night and moved on...


And I was all "dad, whuddu I use?" And, of course, he had the perfect answer.

Just spread this stuff on, clamp it down over night and ALL THE THINGS ARE FIXED! I would like to mention, this did NOT make it any harder to then rip it out 2 weeks later :)

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