Sup, 2015.

WOOF. Finally coming up for air. Since 10am New Years day I have been horizontal watching BBC Earth due to a bout of food poisoning/stomach bug. To everyone else fighting the bug, I FEEL you. And grab some Yogi Tea Stomach Ease, LITERALLY saved me. I took Friday off in an effort to prep the basement for paintpocolypse 2015....buuuut that didn't happen. Onward for a more productive start to my 2015! HA.

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! For the past few years (2013 & 2014, i've done a little re-cap of what happened here, so in case you only check in once a year, i've got it allllllll laid out for ya. You're welcome very much.

SO, what happened you might ask?!

This little nugget probably takes the cake for 2014, buying a house! Check out alllllll the posts about this beast right here. Some notable accomplishments include renovating the upstairs bedroom, fixing up the bathroom, refinishing wood floors, and spending way too many hours trying to pull bushes from my back yard. 

My family and I traveled to our favorite place on earth: Marco Island!

SPEAKING of traveling, my besties and I went to THAILAND (Chiang Mai, Phi Phi, & Phuket/Bangkok)  & CAMBODIA this year, WOAH. #blessed

A few things I built this year:
A workbench
A Coat Rack
Jewelry Hanger

Some Crapts:
Copper Candle Holder
Painting old canvases

So much has changed in the last year, it's crazy to think that I actually own a house. A year ago I toured the house, there was about a foot of snow on the ground - too much to fully walk around the house even. Funny to think I didn't even look in the garage before I bought the house (don't worry - my dad did) - I didn't need to, I knew it was the right house for me regardless. It's funny, people always say "you'll know when you see the right one, it'll feel right." And from the moment I stepped into this house it felt like mine.

I am loving this roller coaster that is home renovation, it's a slow and steady process, but I can't wait to see the final product. This year I hope to spruce up the kitchen and slowly continue to slap paint on these sorry walls. Home renovation is a tough formula of cash flow and motivation. There were things that have HAD to be fixed (read: upstairs & bathroom floors), but now i'm getting to the part where i'm not fixing, but sprucing up and changing out. It's going to be a fun year guys.


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