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To say this kitchen renovation was a streamline flip is a bit of an understatement. In the beginning, it seemed to be the case though. Change out the doors, paint all the things, new finishes. Then all the small details started to rear their ugly heads. No cabinet dividers = build your own, girl. Un-even cabinets = pull your hair out trying to make drawer slides fit. etc, etc. I measured and re-measured everything a million times. BUT there's always that one thing, that you just DON'T see coming. Today we are going to talk cabinet hardware...

Initially I wanted something like...THIS.

I wanted the drawers and doors to have the same hardware, I wanted them to be long (to accent the larrrge upper cabinets and make the room feel taller), and chrome to match the stainless appliances/sink.

UNFORTUNATELY, my drawers were like, UMM NO JENN. YOU SEE, the old drawers were about 1/4" thick, which allowed the previous hardware to work (which had a typical reveal). NOW the drawers are about 3/4" thick, riddle me surprised when THIS happened.

Literally cannot open either drawer when hardware is installed

I searched the high heavens for hardware that I liked with a 5/8" reveal (I had a plan of slicing the length of the drawers down a bit for this to work...see above line on drawer top). All I found were these:

Hickory Hardware Camarilla 2-1/16 in. Satin-Nickel Furniture Ring Pull-P3190-SN at The Home Depot

Which were, whatever, fine. I wasn't in LOVE with them aside from the fact that they'd work in the space and I wouldn't have to alter MUCH. I was concerned that after awhile the paint would chip from fingers scraping the middle of the ring to grab a pull, so there was THAT.

Then I started to search for some TOP mount pulls, like these:
Colonial Bronze 713-2 2" and 4" CC Drawer Top Mount Drawer Face Cabinet Pull
As long as I could keep the overhang at 5/8", this would be a MUCH better alternative. In this case, i'd just have to cut a little on the corners of the drawers (you'll understand this in a moment), instead of slicing a bit off the sides (then the length of the drawers wouldn't match the length of the cabinets below and the whole world would fall off axis). 

SO, one nice Saturday afternoon I went strolling through IKEA and found THESE:


They even had a smaller version for my itty bitty drawers/cabinets. BOOM. Drawer hardware bought!

So now, instead of slicing these pesky drawers down, I just had to chop a little off the corner and ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD.

As seen in the photos above - doors and drawers are being installed!!! *happy dance*

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