Make all the things white!

Armed with paint brushes and free labor, we finally brightened up the kitchen and dining room - something I have been WAITING to do since I moved in. It was always the intent - wood purist close your eyes, I am sorry...

Everything took 2 coats of prime (seen above) and 2 coats of paint with touch-ups (note to self, buy the expensive tape). THANKFULLY primer dries within 30 minutes, so we rocked out 3 coats on EVERYTHING in one day, and did the final coat the next day (the paint takes 24 hours to cure). Oh, and we painted the ceiling REAL quick, because it was the same color as the walls? Whyyyyyyy.

I used the same paint as the cabinets on the trim and wainscoting - Benjamine Moore's Advanced line in Simply White. For the box interiors I tried the Clark & Kensington line from Ace tinted in Simply White (I wasn't too impressed, and the white looked more yellow than the rest?). 

It is pretty amazing how bright the space feels, all thanks to the paint. The light just bounces off the walls and makes me super happy - or maybe it's the fumes I've been ingesting these past few days?! 

The primer + paint will take about a week to fully cure and harden, so i'll slowly bring things back into the kitchen to make it less-constructiony and more-livable, without damaging the paint. In the mean time, I have 16 doors and 8 drawers to start painting...

BUT OMG doesn't it look so much better ALREADY:

ON OTHER AWESOME NEWS: the DISHWASHER is installed and the COUNTERTOPS are NEXT! Fingers double crossed that all goes well - getting pretty sick of doing dishes in the bathtub...#theconstructionlife.

Since this is (obviously) an EXISTING kitchen (and a DIY project), there were a few challenges along the way (and more to come!). Like...cutting a hole for the dishwasher, fitting straight drawers/slides in no-so-straight drawer boxes. Super fun times. You can see in the image above, that these drawers/doors were made with SUPER small profiles (like, a little over 1/4"), where the new ones are more like 3/4". So things like drawers hitting drawers is an unforeseen issue to solve. Nothing that some strategic door hardware can't fix #hopefully :)

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