The Dining Room WALLS

I feel like since the dawn of 2015, a paint brush has been fused to my hand. Cleaning brushes has become an odd therapeutic act, and there are more frozen paint brushes in my freezer than there is food (do other people freeze brushes mid-project??). BUT- Painting is such a simple and easy fix for a room, and it quite literally transformed my dining room from a dark cave into a bright ray of sunshine! BUT, it was  a hard room to choose a color for...

I tested over ten colors in the room, each wall read differently. AND I wanted the dining room and kitchen (and the back entry, AND the hall) to have the same color - and ALL of those walls read differently too. The perfect grey read green on one wall and a cold blue on the other. A beautiful taupe color was too yellow on one wall, too red on another, and looked too...brown, on a third. Poke. My. Eyes. Out. 

THE BEFORE, lol those drapes though!!
THEN, my mom was like, why not yellow?? NO MOM. The walls were already a soft, almost Easter yellow and I wanted to venture away from that. SO, I kept testing, hating, testing....until I threw in the towel and tried Pale Honey. MOMS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT PEOPLE OKAY.

The previous yellow walls, sans drapes

SEE, already yellow, BUT what you DON'T see, is how bad of shape these walls were. Peeling paint and a million holes to hang those BEAUTIFUL drapes the previous owner had. NEWS FLASH, you don't need EIGHT anchors to hold up fabric. So, I punched in all the anchors, filled the holes, sanded, filled, sanded, THEN...paint.

Oh, first I painted the ceiling REAL QUICK (took 2 coats, ALWAYS takes 2 coats...), then 2 coats on the walls and OMG IT'S A WHOLE NEW ROOM.

Now, after a few month sabbatical, the room can once again be put back as a dining room. NOW, the room is NOT finished. And, of course, the last few details will take about 2 years for me to get around to, ya know changing out outlet, spray painting vents (brown vents do NOT match beautiful white walls), and (LOL) getting a light fixture. When I painted the ceiling, I took down the old...wood thing. Now it's just 3 (well, 2, one is burnt out casually) light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Super modern though so maybe i'll keep it....

NOW, back to that kitchen...

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