YOU GUYS, I love my new cabinet doors/drawers. It's crazy the difference just changing those out has made in this wee little kitchen. GONE are the days of squeaking drawers and doors that don't close. So bright, so fresh & so so clean.

Remember how fugly (functional/ugly) they were?

AND NOW, I can check off, paint and install cabinet doors!


Don't mind the area under the sink, they are still drying...

I mentioned the painting process before, but i'll brief it up again...I bought the doors from a manufacturer and had them built with poplar. Poplar is a cheap wood, they could have come already white for a VERY small fee, but I was a little worried on color matching to the boxes and wanted to make this process super long and hard - so I painted them myself :)

>> I set everything up in my basement on saw horses/tables. I put a few 2x4 under the doors so the sides wouldn't stick to the table. A good workspace is CLUTCH here people.

>> I used super smooth 3" roller brushes and a small hand brush for the corners - buy extra rollers, they go bad after like 2 uses regardless of how crazy you are about washing them...

>>EVERYTHING that is white in the kitchen/dining room, got 2 coats of KILZ latex primer and 2 coats of BM Advanced line in Simply White (after lightly sanding it and wiping down with TSP).

1. Prime back (always to back first then front to avoid smudging on the side you'll see!) X2, wait 30 min. between coats.

2. Prime front X2, wait 30 min. between coats.

3. Paint back X2, wait 24 hours between coats

4. Paint front X2, wait 24 hours between coats.

It took me about 1 week to paint all of the doors - and don't cheat on dry times! You'll get sticky doors, which is never fun...

See that corbel riiiight there? It's still unpainted in this photo BUT you know what that means? BAR COUNTER is next! AND i'm super excited about it :)

SO, what's left to do??
>> Install bar top
>> Backsplash
>> Paint/add trim
>> Become an electrician
>> Change out lights
>> Build microwave buffet
>> New Oven/Fridge/Vent hood

So, no, the kitchen posts are NO WHERE close to being done :)


  1. Jenn, I am loving following along with your kitchen looks fabulous! I was wondering what manufacturer you used for the cabinet doors? Thanks!

    1. Thanks!! I went through Wilkie Sanderson - we use them a lot at work. There are a lot of online distributers out there too that have good quality doors at about 20-30$ a door!