Delicious Homemade Salsa

BEFORE I get back into a little kitchen update, I wanted to share a recipe from our trip to Mexico. I've made it twice since coming home, and it beats out ALL the store bought salsa in my fridge - I love it. AND it's super easy. 

When we were out to lunch one day in town, the restaurant had free salsa and chips while we wait for our meal (don't you just LOVE Mexican restaurants that do that!). We weren't really paying attention when she was making it by our table, because basil mojitos. THEN we tasted it and were like WHAAAT is this it's amazing and she just made it in like 5 seconds. SO, when a new table came in and she went to make them some, we totally creeped.

The secret ingredient? Isn't really an ingredient, but it's to ROAST erry thing before you chop it into salsa.

SO, put some olive oil (or coconut oil!) down on a pan, I used 2 tomatoes (cut in half), 2 cloves of garlic and one jalapeno sliced in half. I think the oven was set at 350-400, but it makes the room smell soooo good (i love garlic!). You know when they are done when the skin on the tomatoes crack - about 15 minutes.

Start by slicing the Jalapeno, then mash that and the garlic together to make a chopped paste.

Then Add the tomatoes (I take off the skin), and some cilantro and a DASH of sea salt (as needed). The salsa is then, obviously, warm. So I stuff it in the freezer for a few minutes to CHILL it a bit.

SO good, SO easy.

P.S, I got that lava rock masher in Mexico, after watching the angel of a server make this dish for us. We were scrounging for luggage room on our way home (thanks to 2 trips to the market!) so I ALMOST brought this in my carry on. THANKGOD I didn't, it was one of the ONLY things restricted at the airport (right next to a gun and knife). IDK why...!

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