The Undercarriage


LOL, that's the space under my sink (post scrub down). The wall sides are OKAY, the the base, although solid wood, was grooooosssss. IDK what that black stuff is (do I want to know?). Apparently the holes are to allow the sink to 'air out'...but stainless sinks don't really have a condensation problem (aka I don't intend on leaving water in my sink for WEEKS, or anything.). So those are kinda pointless/i've never seen them in a house before. 

As the rest of the kitchen was getting an overhaul, I knew I wanted to do something to remedy this little space. I could just paint it white like the rest of the cabbies, but I wanted the surface to be super wipe-able (incase of plumbing leaks...which I had...since I did the plumbing myself...). SO, I got some peel and stick vinyl tiles which are SUPER affordable (like $.60 each, I bought a box for $30 and only needed like 8..WHOOPS.)

It said on the box that priming the surface gives a little extra umph in the adhesion, and since I had a paint brush attached to my hand at the time, I slapped on a coat of primer. I decided about 30 seconds into it that I wanted to do the sides too, make it look all jazzy n such.

IDK why my Ryobi is in the photo, you do NOT need this for installation, just a straight edge and xacto knife. Maybe he just wanted in on the party?

The sides needed a little more help to stay in place, so I used some contact cement (go big or go home?) I had, ya know, laying around. I also taped them in place with painters tape while they dried.

ZOMG, so much better!

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