Choosing Tile for the Backsplash

SO, this is where we've been sitting for a few weeks, that last 5% push is reaaaaal hard. When your kitchen is back in 'working order' it's like, OKAY, put the hammers away let's have some margaritas!! BUT, I need to finish this 5% NOW (or it'll get done in like 5 years and i'll be sad I didn't have beautiful tile this whole time). 

FIRST, let's back up a bit. YOU SEE, in order to get the countertops to work I had to build out the walls a bit so the depth of the counter would reach past the cabinet doors (I could have gotten 2 wider pieces, but then i'd have more seams in the butcher block and i'd rather not have that). So I had to build out the walls about 1/2". I used 1/4" plywood with 1/4" hardiboard over it. Hardiboard is a cement board and is what you should be using below your tile. Plywood would SOAK up water. You CAN tile over drywall (if it's painted) - as you can see in the image above, the beautiful laminate counter tops were extended up the wall. So I just plywood-ed over that. BOOM.

K now back to today. Since I had to add some depth to the wall, I added some nice molding around it so the edges of the tile would look all legit n such.

For the past few weeks I've ordered tile from 2 online stores, and have been to Home Depot, Lowes and The Tile Shop. I was looking for a glass tile in a fun color. Since my walls are yellow, teals and greens were popping out beautifully.

It's a strange thing when you are not only designing a space, but you are also making yourself responsible for installing everything. My favorite tile from the get-go was going to be a little tricky to fit, so I ordered some samples in smaller sizes (above, mosiac sizes). But still, I was bored of those after a few days, and still liked the subway tile size.

SO, here is the winner! Loft Spa Green in frosted glass tile from The Tile Bar. NOW, i'm not sponsored by them, but let me GUSH for a moment. I felt like they were my friends from afar helping me out. I sent for samples twice, each time they came within 4 days (with super cute gifts attached!). My ONE issue was that the tiles were not labeled! The colors online/in person are tricky, so I e-mailed them a photo - to which they responded quickly with the correct name. NBD, but it'd be nice if the samples had names :)

ALSO, they donate tiles to less fortunate "Smiles4Tiles", so I dig that too!

SO, these babies are ORDERED, and on their way. can't wait to get them installed...hopefully this weekend!!

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