DIY Picture Frame

You know when you're on vacation, and you see a cool print at the market and you're all like OMG I need that i'll totes find a frame ASAP when I get home and hang this on my wall! Does that ever actually happen? No. I barely even print out photos from my vacations anymore, which kills me...I should do something about that...hmm...

WELL, today i'm going to go over a SUPER SIMPLE way to frame a tricky print. YOU SEE, whilst in the land of Cambodia last year, we were temple hopping and found a nice little family selling prints. They said, in broken English, that their family had been drawing on rice paper for years, passing it down generation to generation. Obviously I needed one. Because once I got home i'd totally build a frame for it!

Fast forward almost a year and it's done! HA. OK, so obvi you could run to Target and grab a frame, but when something is drawn on Rice paper, you kinda want it out of the frame to get the FULL effect.

Wooden dowels - cut 1" larger than the length of your print, painted
Staple Gun
Screw Eyes

FIRST, paint your dowel and attach screw eyes to both ends of ONE rod.

Staple the print to the dowel, about 3-4" apart

I didn't want the weight of it to be resting on the staple marks, so I added masking tape over it all to keep it snug.

THEN, grab some string, thread it through the screw eyes and hang on the wall! SUPER simple, huh?!

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