How to Paint Paneling

Did you think that the ONLY paneling in this house was in the dining room?! Not ONLY is there also some in the 2nd bed room, BUT the entire basement is COVERED in paneling...yay...

I took ANOTHER break from the kitchen renovation this weekend, due to an inner struggle with the backsplash tile choice (which will hopefully be resolve this week?). There is another bedroom on the main floor, that I don't think i've ever spoken of on the interwebs. I mean, why wouldn't I, it's SO PRETTY.

LOL. Those are photos I took whilst touring the house for the first time. So, sorry I don't actually own that beautiful comforter. The furniture was sold, and the curtains were dismantled almost immediately - along with removing the carpet and refinishing the hardwood floors. 

THEN, the room sat in a poor and dark state for a YEAR. It went from function to function...bedroom, workroom, craft room, makeshift kitchen, tool storage, landfill. Now that high speed renovation mode is winding down, I can FINALLY start to move some tools back into the basement and claim this room, well, as an actual room.

First, I unloaded the room, patched any holes, and TSP-ed everything. It's pretty incredible/disgusting how dirty WALLS are. I guess I never clean walls (do normal people?). TSP is great because it removes anything that could compromise the paint sticking to the paneling. 

Painting paneling isn't all THAT hard. The hard part is making sure your hand doesn't cramp and you're cool with painting one room 4 times.

For painting over wood trim or paneling, I ALWAYS do 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint. What's super fun about paneling is having to paint all the cracks! *sarcasm*

I painted 2 coats of primer on EVERYTHING Friday. Primer is awesome because it only needs like 30 minutes to dry between coats, It took me about 2 hours to get around the room (thank god for Netflix to keep me company!). Then I painted one coat of Vintage Linen on the walls, and one coat of BM Simply White on the trim Saturday. Sunday I did a 2nd coat of Vintage Linen and SW and was DONE. Also, Caulk is your BFF with paneling, I caulked where the paneling meets the ceiling and it made a surprisingly HUGE difference in making it not look janky. #paintingtricks 

Vintage Linen is a top contender for a favorite color in this house, it's pretty subtle, but brightens up the room so much. I'm obsessed. Wanna see a before and after? SURE YOU DO.

Now all this rooms needs is new outlets, curtains and a light fixture. But first, that tile backsplash...

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