Installing a Back Splash [and cutting weird pieces]

THE BACKSPLASH, it's in! The kitchen is ONE more step closer to being FINISHED. You can rest easy now!

If you recall, I chose Loft Sea Foam green glass tile from the Tile Bar. The tile came a little less than a week later and I was READY to roll. I picked up a tub of thinset and a trowel from HD. They have some un-mixed thinset as well (it's cheaper). I went pre-mixed this time incase I couldn't finish it in one night (spoiler: I DID).

This was actually super easy to work with, i'd defiantly go pre-mixed next time.
Typically when tiling, you spread the thinset over a large area and set the tiles in that area - which works for about 90% of spaces. At times, a trowel juuuuust won't fit into an area. So that's when you BACKBUTTER, like below. Apply the thinset on a piece of tile and smoosh it into place. Depending on your area, this might be the easiest way to go. I used this method for about 60% of the backsplash.

I staggered my pattern to show off my mad tile skillz (JK, it just looks better). WHICH meant i'd need to cut a bunch of pieces in half. I used TWO different cutting methods for the backsplash (and took photos of 0! Go me!). I used a score and break method for all of the edge pieces. Since my tiles are glass, cutting can be trickier than with a ceramic - but I didn't seem to have an issue with this method.

Where I ran into a problem was around the outlet, kinda hard to score and break a piece like this:

What I ended up doing was whipping out a wet saw (for glass tile, you need a super special ($$) diamond blade) and made a billion cuts in a row to etch out an area for the outlet. 

SEE how the tile PERFECTLY wraps around the outlet?! Also, USB outlets FTW!

And my countertops turned red?

The tile looks like 3 different colors in the last few photos, sneaky chameleon tile! The whole project took me 4.5 hours - next up GROUT!

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