The Hapiary

Apiary: A place where bees are kept

YOU GUYS. This past weekend I became the owner of about 5,000 BEES!

But lemme back up...

SO, after I assembled the hive, I brought it over to my parents house. Because what parent doesn't want their child's bee farm on their land?! The City of Eagan changed their views on bees this past year and is allowing urban beekeeping (just in time!). So, I filled out the permit, drew some pretty maps and had a VERY nice gentleman come out and inspect the location. He gave it a thumbs up mere DAYS before picking them up *wipes sweat from brow*.

My fasha cleared a nice path for the bees to navigate through the jungle towards the water (a water source is critical for happy bees) - everything was set up, we just needed the bees!

Early Saturday morning we high tailed it out to Dresser, Wisconsin.   It's best to pick up bees in the early morning (before they fly away to get some grub) or around dusk (when they come home from work). I bought my nuc + queen through Rushfeldt Apiaries. Sarah (a young lass raising bees since she was a tyke) was out tending to all 400+(!!) of her bee hives when we showed up. The boy made a baller vid of our trek east CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Once we got home, we suited up to place the bees in their home!

Beekeeping Selfie!
I stopped by earlier this week to check on them and make sure they liked their new digs - all is well!

Now go plant some flowers so these babies can pollinate!

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