Brazil! {Paraty}

In the middle of our Brazil trip, we decided to take a trip to a smaller town for a long weekend. We debated between Ilha Grande and Paraty. Both are great, but since Emily already went to Ilha Grande, we decided to go to Paraty - and we LOVED it! It's a small town on the coast about 4 hours from Rio (by bus). The bus ticket was about $50 (total for there and back) and we left in the morning. If we did this again, we'd leave at night. Since we were there in the winter the sun went down early, so we were bummed we missed some prime daylight on the bus. ANYWHO, the town has a cute little historical area, chalk full of cobblestone/rock streets.

Outside of the hostel - post 4 hour bus ride..woof. 
Roof deck of the hostel

We stayed at the Backpackers Hostel in an 8 room dorm - the top photo is taken from the roof deck. Overall this place was good, the good out weighed the bad. The space didn't FEEL very clean, there was a cat that hung around there (sorry people with allergies!), and there were only two bathrooms for the entire house (up to 20 people by the time we left!). BUT, it did have a pretty great hang out area (it rained 2 days we were there!) and the breakfast was LEGENDARY. So whatever, win some you lose some :)

We got in right around dinner time, so we headed to a small pizza joint around the corner -  we were too hangry to actually walk the 3 minutes into town...LOL. Then we walked through the historical area and kicked ourselves for not eating at a restaurant there. We stopped to shop a bit and settled in at a little cafe for some wine and live music.

During our walk through town we found a guy who was offering boat rides (LOL this sounds so safe) for the following day. His company is Barco Conquista and i'd HIGHLY recommend him! It was about $30/person for a DAY of boating.

This is the 'top' of the boat, there are bench seats below and a motor that looks like it shouldn't work at all.

It was SO fun. We met him at his boat the next morning (which he already had stocked with ice for our beers...bonus points bro!) at 10:30am and came back around 6 walking sideways (was it the motion of the ocean or the Caipirnhas?!) . We stopped at a little beach for lunch, went snorkeling, and visited 4 private beaches, basically it was the best day EVER

Our spot for lunch

The following 2 days it rained. So instead of booking our boat-guy again, we hung out at the hostel reading, napping, and taking various trips out exploring the town. Trying to act as the locals do...

He caught a fish! With a net!

Soccer field on the beach!!

After two days we were getting restless, so when our final day in Paratay approached and we saw sunny skies, we knew it was going to be a boat day. Initially we were to take the bus back to Rio at 11am, we moved it to 5pm and called (well, the owner of the hostel called him #languagebarrier) our boat driver for another day out on the ocean. He met us at our hostel at 9am (where we proceeded to play charades in an effort to communicate..Emily why did you leave us!) and we walked to the port to his boat. He took us to a few of the same spots as our initial ride, but this time stopping for some cliff jumping *nervous breathing*.

We docked at the small beach ahead and climbed the rock to the left, then jumped!

DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!! like 100 of them!

This is a Caipiboat where you basically drink Caipirinha's (popular drink in Brazil) all day and boat around. They may have dropped a few drinks our way in passing #hostelfriendsFTW

We lost track of time getting mesmerized by the dolphins, which left us about 15 minutes to get off the boat, pick up waters and snacks at the grocery store, run back to the hostel to change, grab our packs and walk (2 blocks) to the bus stop. BUT OMG WE MADE IT. It was a rough 4 hours back to Rio. We stayed in the same hostel as the beginning of our trip which made things super easy. So STAY TUNED for ANOTHER post on our last few days back in Rio! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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