Brazil! {Back to Rio}

WHEW, sorry for that radio silence. The bees went a little cray while I was in Brazil so we have been TCOB lately. More DEETS on that soon!

SO, we are BACK in Brazil for a quick 2 days prior to dipping back state side. AND, finally! A sunny day in store! So we woke up at a decent hour and headed to our fav brekky location (Big Polis) before beach hopping all day. We WANTED to bike around all day, but the bikes at the hostel had flat tires (LOL, yeah, i'll come back...later...and pump them for you) and the city bikes were kind of a headache to figure out (download app, use Brazilian issued CC, do 15 jumping jacks, call the president). SO, we walked to Leblon beach (2 blocks from our hostel), and hung out there readnapping for a few hours.

We wanted to check out Copacobana beach and see what it's all about. It was about a 5 minute cab ride down the street from Leblon, and definitely more of a touristy beach.

LOL outside gyms

That night we met up with Emily to check out the SPANISH STEPS, or stairwell....well, it doesn't really have a name? But basically some guy made it his life mission to tile these steps, so THAT'S cool.

Then, since we were in the neighb, we checked out the Santa Teresa 'hood. It's not the safest of places...


BUT, it had some really cool German architecture and a sweet look out point to the city, so WIN! Then, we tooled around looking for a place for dinner and stopped at ALL the boutiques along the way.

Our last day in Brazil was, of course, rainy. But WHATEVER, we wanted to check out this building that looks like the Alhambra that Lindsay and I saw a few years ago in Spain:

Alhambra, Grenada, Spain

SO PRETTY. We had lunch at the cafe onsite (Cafe Evolutto) and wished we ate there EVERYDAY of our trip. It was SO good. Beet Risotto FTW. We walked around the park for like .5 seconds because it was down pouring. So we threw in the towel and went bar hopping for the rest of the day...until we had to board the plane.

LOVED being able to see this little piece of earth that my bestie calls home! I would fasho suggest putting this country on your bucket list. BUT: travel in groups, have a friend who lives there show you around, take taxis everywhere, and prepare for the worst situation :)

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