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Spoiler: the past few months haven't JUST been weddingsandcabinsandfun. We DID manage to get a few smallish projects done. So here's a little recap on some updates!

A fresh cut
There was a time (all of last year) where I was all "I'm going to RIP these bushes out and replace them with new ones." BUT then I was like, well, I want to keep the same look, so i'll just replace them with the same things and OMG why don't I just try to get a green thumb and resurrect them from the living?! Ya see, they were NOT growing in well last year, super spotty/gross. Well, THANKFULLY nature had my back. And after these bushes looked sup's shotty last year, they started to grow back with vengeance. So we hacked and whacked away at them. AND DID YOU KNOW that actually HELPS the bush grow? It's like split ends, gotta get the little trims to keep your hair long and healthy

NOTED. Thanks Nature.

I've handed over ALL lawn care duties to the fiancé and awhile back he was like BTW there's hornets in the backyard and I was all suuuuuuuure. Then we had people over and they were ALL up with my bizznash and even bit someone. So I was after blood at that point. Also, I wanted to paint this lower part and almost got attacked. They were hiding under the top panel board - so I MURDERED them one afternoon and haven't heard a peep since!

Anywho, this is the 'siding' on the workshop and, instead of ACTUAL siding, good 'ol plywood was put up. It's going to be a whole DEAL to rip it out, probs repair some concrete and ask all the spider families to leave. So, in an effort to get it through another winter (Surprisingly it's lasted just fine the last two, but the paint was peeling harrrrrd) I wanted to slap a fresh coat on.

First I scraped any loose bits, then put on two heavy coats. Good as new.

It's been AWHILE since I've had a good 'ol furniture update job. It was nice to dust off the sander (LOLJK it'll always be full of sawdust) and see what this beauty could be. My parents' friends (hey Mark and Pam!) were getting rid of a few things and I'm sure my parents told them of my hoarding OBVIOUSLY I took it.

It's a SUPER cute dresser, it just needed some love (lots of scratches), I tried this new Rustoleum chalk paint (Cheaper than Anne Sloan!), I was a little disappointed after the first coat (It says it only takes one), but figured had I used a rolled instead of a brush maybe I'd have different results?

Anyways, after two it looked amazing, I sanded down a few spots to reveal the original wood. Then I spray painted the brass handles to an oil rubbed bronze and she's good to go! The color is a SUPER light grey which I'm currently obsessed with.

This past weekend I cleaned out my storage area (peace out college papers and middle school photo albums (NOone needs to see those anymore)) and living room basement (which was basically a garage sale waiting to happen) to put everything on Craigslist, so GO BUY IT ALL. Or don't whatever. But it feels good to get that space semi-cleaned?'s going to need to be EMPTY so I can remove the lava carpet and light a fire under my ass to get the basement in DECENT shape. But first, a little revamp of the storage area...

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