Enjoying fall + A surprise Bday Cele

Fall is my favorite time of year, I LOVE the leaves turning, brisk air and nights spent by the bonfire. So OF COURSE when my family decided to have my sister's birthday cele up in Duluth, we HAD to go on a hike. Fingers were crossed for above average temps (which we got!) and boots were taken out of storage. It turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day.

We hiked Hartley park up to Rock knob point. The hike took us about 30-45 minutes, so it's a nice quick walk through the woods. Dodging mountain bikers and runners we made it up the hill, and glad we did, because there was a little surprise at the top!

Some friends and family came together for a little 30th birthday party surprise for my sister! She's turning THIRTY and what better reason to get everyone together to PARTY! We stayed at the top for a bit, taking photos and overlooking the BEAUTIFUL scenery, because OMG hello lake superior. 

After a bit we started to make our way back to the cabin, BECAUSE we needed to ready ourselves for a little PARTY BUS action. WOOF, it took me ALL of Sunday to recover, but SO worth it. Here's some shots before we headed out :)

Thanks to everyone who came and made the day SO special for the Birthday girl. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE! love you :)

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