Basement Renovation {the plan}

We're on the home stretch people! And i've got a to-do list burning a hole in my pocket and an ounce of determination to finish it before the end of the YEAR! We'll see how that goes (spoiler, ain't gunna happen).  BUT let's talk about what we're going to DO.

SO, the living room. A dark retro OASIS:

This hot piece of meat butts up to the craft room, and as you walk down the basement stairs it's on your LEFT....OK? Also, don't be fooled by the camera flash here, there are only TWO light bulbs illuminating the space. So unless you are directly under them, you are walking through a cave.

So first things first (because renovating a cave is DIFFICULT), add lights! 

I know what you're thinking... "You're keeping the carpet, RIGHT?"

UNFORTUNATELY, the previous owner installed it himself (man after my own heart) but didn't put in any tracks or a pad (Also it's orange, has 60+ years of dust, and, did I mention it was ORANGE?) So yeah, carpet is FASHO getting replaced. 

THAT PANELING THOUGH. My mom put up a valiant fight to save these BUT, no. Sorry! Nail holes need to be filled, walls need to be SCRUBBED, and trim needs fixing...THEN! Paiting ALL THE THINGS! Every photo I take of this room has a distinct orange tone to it, basically the plan is to get rid of THAT.

SO, add light fixtures, new carpet, lighten up the ceilings/walls...sounds like fun!

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