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A few weeks ago I finally got around to cleaning/painting the 'ol storage room. During that time of purging, my storage needs dwindled and my crafting supplies increased. SO, I wanted to make this space a functional little area to get my craft on. Obviously this isn't the most GLAMOROUS space in the house, but it's perfect for storing ALL THE THINGS, so I don't have little crafting piles around my house :)

We left off here, where I cleaned/painted/prepped this space, getting about 60+ years of GUNK out.

SO now that I had a blank slate it was time to load er up with ALL THE THINGS. My workroom has turned into a workroom/craft storage, as has an entire bedroom upstairs. Girl likes to craft, I guess. SO I gathered everything and felt SO organized. Now it doesn't take me 30 minutes to find tape, or walnut stain :)

FIRST my paints. I have SO many paint samples they were coming out of my ears. I HATE re-buying things because they are lost in the abyss, so this was the perfect space to collect them and take inventory. #somanycabinets. And look, room for more :)

As you can see, this place is still a semi-storage area. I have so many picture frames/books that will EVENTUALLY get hung, but just haven't. ALSO, I was clearing my OTHER storage space at the same time for another little project i'm working on.

I LOVE it when everything has a spot. Wrapping paper isn't in 3 drawers in 2 rooms, and easy to grab items were hung on the peg boards. Oh peg board, how you are growing on me.

I found this Singer base in a trash can (typical) and just set a piece of wood on it for now, I kinda love it :)

WOO! One room done, now it's time to focus ALL of my attention onto that living room. Because, up next, LIGHTS!

p.s Have a WONDERFUL thanksgiving everyone :)

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