Game Show Title: How many days in a row can you paint before you go insane

SO, the basementprojectof2015 moves on! I left you here, when I started to spray the bejeebus out of the walls. The walls had some pretty gross staining that dug deep into the panels and came through the primer, so 2 coats were fasho necessary. Even though I TSPed them, wood can hold oils and grossness like no other. I sprayed two coats on the walls and two coats on the ceiling.

It's amazing how well paint can work to make a room feel less cabin-cavey in a matter of a week.

OH, and while I was at it, I sprayed 80% of the doors in the house at the same time. So that was FUN.

Once the primer was done, I worked at painting the trim, which is one of those paint projects that you can't tell even happened, which is awesome. So all of the trim got 2 coats of Simply White (the same at the upstairs trim, in case you care).

I tested a few colors from my ever growing supply of paint test cans and liked how Vintage Linen was turning out. If you are a ninja blog reader you may recall it's the color I used in the upstairs bedroom.

It took me 3 hours per coat, and two coats to paint this bad boy. The time consuming part is hand painting all of the dips in the panel, as well as the top/bottom trim. Shoutout to Netflix for keeping me company.

Next up - removing that orange carpet!

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