Off-spray: The struggle is real

When I thought about painting the basement walls, I couldn't help but think back to the fond memories of painting the 2nd floor walls, or even the dining room walls. 2-3 hours per coat, 4 coats per walls (damn wood walls how you soak up paint!). My hands began to cramp at the mere thought of doing it again. So, when I embarked on this basement journey I was itching at the thought of SPRAYING the paint on. You see, the basement living room is semi-closed off to the rest of the basement making it a PRIME suspect for a spray gun.

NOW, these things run $150+ to buy, or are about $30 a day to rent. I would need it for about 4-5 days, assuming I could knock it out consecutively (nope!). SO, when my co-worker mentioned he was buying one I JUMPED at the opportunity to make him borrow it to me. #winning

First things first, empty the room, demo the weird built-ins and tape ALL THE THINGS. THEN, TSP the walls and wash down with soapy water. The last 2 sentences took me SIX HOURS, or roughly 12 episodes of Parks & Rec re-runs. But, when spraying, prep is the biggest part - because OFF SPRAY. Basically the 'spray' gets everywhere within a mile of the wall. So I had to tape and tarp everyyythingggg.

What you're not seeing is the OTHER side of the wall, tarpnation.

Once that was done I had to figure out how to USE the spray gun. WORD TO THE WISER: when it hasn't been run in awhile, let it prime for like 5-10 minutes, or until the noise starts to sound...different (not the recommended 10 SECONDS). Took us about 2 hours, 5 Youtube videos, 1 instruction manual, and 1 run to HD to figure that one out! (In the end it was someone at HD that gave us the hint!). Also, be sure to clean out the hose/tip for any dried paint.

Jealous of my painting clothes? I BET.

BUT! It only took ~45 minutes to paint this ENTIRE ROOM. That is a game-changer my friends. The major time suck is re-filling the paint every few minutes, and cleaning the spray gun which omgggg is a task. BUT WORTH IT.

It took about 3.5 gallons to prime this baby, sprayers use a liiiiiiiiittle more paint than the 'ol brush and roller dance but STILL WORTH IT.

Now onto painting the ceiling (off-spray in overdrive) and to pick a wall color!

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