Scope Creep

It's an endearing term used when you start a project and then you're all like woaaaaah that got outta hand QUICK. Something similar is going on in the basement. Project 'get the basement living room LIVABLE' turned into 'oh, also, that bathroom though'.

See corner toilet with electrical panel 
So, there's an itttybittty bathroom in the base. I had grandiose ideas, pipedreams if you will, of adding a shower to this. BUT! The electrical panel is CONVENIENTLY located here. Fact: you can't have an electrical panel in a bathroom! SO, by the grandfathering laws vested in this house, I don't have to move this if I don't take a demo hammer to this place. OKAYFINELAWS YOU WIN.

BUT! This bathroom still needed some love to not look so...unintentionally industrial. You see, for the past two years it's had a concrete floor...because SOMEONE wanted to flood that summer (looking at you air conditioning overflow pan thinggie). Peace out red crocodile carpet.

So cute and modern right??

ANYWAYS, since a paint brush has been attached to my hand these days, I slopped on a few coats of primer and noodled on a wall color. BUT, I was really digging the white (it was a gross cream color before)! The room has zero windows and is pretty cave like - so White it is! Simply white to be specific (overflow paint from the Kitchen FTW!).

Then, I needed to tackle the countertop. As you can see this was BUILT in, conveniently, UNDER the shelving unit (which strategically hides a waste pipe).

So instead of making a GIANT mess, I thought i'd try out a nice little product I was GOING to use on the kitchen counters (talk about scope creep outta control) before butcherblock won my heart over.

Spoiler alert - also used this in the living room! (photo obvi represents post-first coat) 
It was SUPER simple, just tape everything off, wear 8 million respirators (because WOAH I haven't used oil based paint in a while) and roll on a few coats. It gets sticky quick so you need to be ninja fast, but it's pretty good at leveling itself out.

Next up - faucet, flooring and a few finishing touches! Woo Progress!

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