I've done little recaps for the past three years (2013, 2014, 2015), and I LOVE looking back on them, fondly recalling the days of taking a demo hammer to my bathroom, or spending hours outside ripping up bushes. SO HERE WE ARE! 2016. And what a great year it's going to be :)

Before we gush at how awesome it'll be let's look back at 2015 and give it some fist pumps and confetti poppers. SO much got accomplished, more than I expected, and better than I thought. I jumped into the kitchen renovation at the beginning of the year, and JUST posted the cute little after shots #procrastination. HA.

Wanna look back at it all and stroll down memz lane? SURE YOU DO.
Painting the kitchen
Painting the dining room
Cabinet doors
Countertops round Deux
Backsplash & grout

Honestly, I LOVE how it turned out. So bright and fresh. Are there things that bug me/i'd do different next time? OF COURSE. I was talking to my pal at HD (LOL) and he said he built his house by hand (OMG) and decided to rent it out because all of the little imperfections that HE did/chose bugged him so much! I feeeeeeeel you dude. I put my heart, sole, and many broken fingernails into this, so if something is off, it's on ME. but WHATEVER. I learned SO much doing this and I can't wait to do it again (call me insane?).

I tackled 3 rooms this year. The Kitchen, Dining Room, and Spare Bedroom. Basically I painted everything in the house until I passed out. OMG think how awesome it would be to paint ALL SURFACES of a house before you move it. WHAT A GOOD IDEA. omg.

OTHERTHINGS that happened this year of note around the house....Landscaping! I really like how the yard shaped up to be.

Once winter hit I started working on the last few rooms in the house which haven't been slapped in the face by a paint brush. First up was the storage room turned craft room and I ended the year by starting the great basement paintathon of 2015. And OMG spoiler, I am seeing the light at the end of the basement tunnel. Flooring has been ordered...eee!


Guess what! I did things UNrelated to renovating my house this year! Imagine that. It was actually a pretty great year. I became a BEEKEEPER. And might still be one in the spring...fingers crossed the little guys make it! #hibernationishard

And I traveled! Shocker, I know! Renovating homes and traveling are my kryptonite, sorry i'm not sorry. The famdam and I went to Mexico and Duluth, which were both AMAZE. I really think our Mexico trip was the best family vacay yet. (Hey fam - is it too late to go this year??!) And I finally made it to South America by way of RIO and Paratay to visit a friend! SUCH a great trip.

But what tops it all, and what is going to make 2016 the best year yet is something that happened last March:

All the heart eye emojis.

I hope you all had a great 2015, cheers to 2016! And thanks for reading, I never mention that because I honestly think i'm just typing this to the internet gods. But I know a few family members are out there reading this, so SUP GUYS! Thanks for stopping by and listening to me ramble.

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