Basement Bathroom, a story of triumph.

Title sounds more dramatic than this bathroom renovation ever was. I just wanted it to sound like there was a struggle, ya know, to keep things light and interesting. TURNS OUT, this renovation was super quick and easy. Which is always the hope but never the case in home renovations. Allow me to step back in time with this one reaaaaaal quick for ya.

This was back in the day (roughly two years ago) when guests would ask, "hey do you have another bathroom?" and i'd be like yeeeeeahhh but sorry if you get eaten. It was just gross.

Then the basement flooded (#goodtimes) and the carpet was perpetually wet, because OMG carpet shouldn't be in bathrooms PEOPLE.

 So, carpet, sopping wet, was taken out. Then I scrapped off the last of the carpet pad and was left with some lovely concrete floors for far too long!

Also, it was super awesome that the countertops matched the brown toilet seat. I'm sure when the previous owners found a BROWN toilet seat they we just giddy as ever to get that matching combination.

We last left off with the new floors...finally installed. This is one of those one night projects you wish you would have cranked out years ago. Oh well, it was nice to paint the walls prior...and the counter top!

NOW I don't have to be embarrassed when guests use this bad boy.

Love an easy renovation. Still debating putting in a fun mirror right there...haven't found one that fits the space quite yet though...#thingsyoushouldlosesleepover

DIY Barnwood Art

I have a SUPER easy/quick tutorial here today on how to make an AWESOME statement piece for a room. Do you have a blank wall just SCREAMING for attention!? WELL, in the base I wanted the back of the bar to have a fun sign. I went to my trusty salvage store (Hunt & Gather) and came out empty handed - the horror! SO, when a friend asked to make her a fun piece for her command center, I tag-teamed that with my own little piece of art. Here's what she wanted:

 SO, the first thing you need for ANY barnwood project is, well, BARNWOOD. Farmers are tearing down barns all over MN (either to sell the land, or build new) and people are PAYING the farmers to tear it down for them! CRAZY HUH?? Well, then they store the barn and sell it to us suckers. I went to two places where they sold barnwood, and it was going for around $4/linear foot. SO, that means for the project above it would be about $75+ in materials. UH NO.

I found a lady who had a dollar section of items that were cut down a bit (most pieces were 12'+). When people cut it down she re-sells the scraps for $1/lf. NOW we're talking.

I lined up the pieces until I had a design I liked, then had them trim off any edges I didn't like and I was on my way! If you're in the market for barnwood let me know - i'll send you her location!

Whats awesome is on some of the pieces, the location was stamped to the wood. I also got a few pieces with the original saw marks on them (piece furthest to the right)! I brought the pieces home, washed them down and assembled them in a pattern I liked. Attaching them together is SUPER easy. Grab some scrap wood that fits the length of the artwork. Then just drill screws through the two pieces from the back side:

Some of my pieces had different depths, so I used some scrap wood to fill in the gaps so the front was level. 

Then I flipped er back over and gave it a good sanding. There was alot of nails in these boards, some I hammered through and kept and others looked dangerous so I removed them with a pliers. I stained this piece LIGHTLY (barnwood is very dry so it soaks up stain more than normal) with some walnut just to make it a bit more cohesive and bring out the patterns - but the wood looked sweet as is so do you!

For my little project, I found two pieces that were 4' x 1' and hoarded them away. I screwed the two pieces together, sanded, and printed out a little message. I hand cut that out, because finding my stack of carbon paper was just NOT going to happen mid-basement renovation. 

I traced over the letters...obligatory pencil tracing detail shot:

And painted on two coats of a gloss white paint.

To hang both pieces I screwed in two 50lb hinges to the back and used picture hanging wire between them. That way you only need to put one screw in the wall and you're done!


The night leading up to carpet day was a little scramble. I had lofty goals to be DONE painting all the things before carpet went in, because i'd cry like a baby if paint spilled on it (which, I would #messypainter). I ALSO wanted to convert all of the outlets to 3 prong in the basement. Which, if you know anything about electricity, that means that I had to work in the dark, in a basement...ALONE. Thank god for head lamps! But, what made it super fun, was that each outlet was on a different breaker! This house makes SO much sense...

Anyways, I was mildly successful, and went to bed hoping everything fully dried/cured by morning so I could shimmy it out of the way. My pals at HD came 30 minutes early (when does that EVER happen??) Picture me scrambling in my jimjams to get this space ready. It took them about 2 hours and OMG was it loud. But! Carpet!

It's Elkstone, a warm grey carpet and it feel SO warm/nice down there now it's CRAZY the magic carpet has. This space is finally a functioning member of the household! Time to move ALL THE THINGS back in. Woof. OR, just swan dive into the carpet and make carpet angels all day...decisions decisions...