Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The night leading up to carpet day was a little scramble. I had lofty goals to be DONE painting all the things before carpet went in, because i'd cry like a baby if paint spilled on it (which, I would #messypainter). I ALSO wanted to convert all of the outlets to 3 prong in the basement. Which, if you know anything about electricity, that means that I had to work in the dark, in a basement...ALONE. Thank god for head lamps! But, what made it super fun, was that each outlet was on a different breaker! This house makes SO much sense...

Anyways, I was mildly successful, and went to bed hoping everything fully dried/cured by morning so I could shimmy it out of the way. My pals at HD came 30 minutes early (when does that EVER happen??) Picture me scrambling in my jimjams to get this space ready. It took them about 2 hours and OMG was it loud. But! Carpet!

It's Elkstone, a warm grey carpet and it feel SO warm/nice down there now it's CRAZY the magic carpet has. This space is finally a functioning member of the household! Time to move ALL THE THINGS back in. Woof. OR, just swan dive into the carpet and make carpet angels all day...decisions decisions...

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