All about that Base

Did March and April already happen? Hot dang that flew. I had every intention of posting 'aftersss' of all the rooms in the house, then life was like lolnobrb.

BUT! That base though:

If you recall...I kicked off the renovation with some new ceiling lights, which I am SO glad I did. Brightened up that space REAL quick. Then I painted....and painted some more. Scope creep led to a little bathroom renovation, which led to a bar area re-fresh. And that's when I handed the baton off to the kind people at HD to install some carpet and finish the room off... let's be honest, anything would have been better than that orange carpet. no?

Since then we have been purging and organizing and shifting things allll around the house. The garage has been a revolving door of hand-me-down furniture all winter (boarder line hoarding), and we were FINALLY ready to organize/bring some pieces inside. Seeing the garage floor and power washing it was a magical weekend I tell ya.

We found that bar cart on the side of the road (typical) and I gave it a fresh coat of paint (more on that in another post...coming soonish) one afternoon - it was a liiiiittle rusty.

This shelf had another life as orangie wood, then a brief stint with a white coat on before we settled on this soft green (overflow paint from living room walls FTW).

And THERE you have it! Wanna see the befores? OF COURSE YOU DO.

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