Putting a fork in it.

You know on the home renovation shows where they are like 'okay we are DONE let's sell it omg byeeee houseeee.' Do you think that's real life? Like NO emotional attachment to something that has taken up 120% of your time for what feels like forever? I bet Joanna Gaines gets all the feels about them (because shes awesome, ya know), but Tarek and Christina just laugh all the way to the bank. And who cares about the property brothers, because we are all sick of them by now right? THOUGHT SO.

I don't think I've ever divulged the master plan of this house on this space of the interwebs, but perhaps you got tidbits along the way. Basically 2odd years ago I scraped together pennies to buy this place in HOPES of selling it after fixing it up for a few years and make some dolla dolla billz to pay of my #studentloandebt #gradschoolaintfree. I had watched enough home improvements shows by then so I was READY TO GO.

An offer was placed, (I imagine on a silver platter of some sort) I freaked out for 24 hours and BOOM it was ALL MINE. Fast forward two years and we are now finding ourselves looking for another house, because, gulp, I sold my first house baby.

The only smidgy little baby problem is that I fell in LOVE with this house. Maybe it was the long nights demoing concrete in the bathroom that taught me how to use tools that weighed more than I do, or sanding the hardwood floors that caused a mental breakdown, or painting every surface of the house until I felt like I could open my own semi-professional painting service. Maybe it's because this is the house that taught me how to lay tile, install cabinet drawers, use a paint sprayer, and kindof sortof keep a plant alive. OR perhaps it's because of all the amazing nights spent around the kitchen table with friends and family, or that this will forever be the first house I owned, and where the boy and I got engaged.

Whatever it is, this house rocks. SO, as an ode to it, we are going to do a MASSIVE before an after tour because this piece of meat got some glamour shots done!

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