The Farewell Tour (bedrooms 1&2)

This house has two bedrooms on the main floor, one is slightly larger than the other...BUT the other has TWO closets. So like, they both coo. We use the smaller one as an office/craftroom/overflow. It either is completely empty or it looks like a tornado rolled through. All depends on how crafty I am feeling in that particular week :). And the other is my bedroom, which I don't think I've ever blogged about?

Both of these rooms also got the 'rip up carpet refinish floor' treatment prior to move in day.

See that darker wood box on the floor in the photo above? And how it magically disappears in the photo below? Good times patching wood floors :).....

Other than that, they both just needed a good coat a paint and they were G2G (good to go).

p.s see that picture framed jewelry holder? Still lovin' it, tutorial can be found here!

Aaaaand here is the 2nd bedroom/craftroom/office/tornado room.

The office was pretty cave-like before with the dark paneling and curtains, just a few coats of paint to make it all bright and pretty (recap of that fun project here). Also, that amour we got fit PERFECTLY in the little closet niche.

If there's one thing I learned whilst renovating this house, it's the magical power of paint.

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