The Farewell Tour {the living room}

The first room we are going to walk through on this farewell tour happens to be the FIRST room you see when entering the house. I remember like it was yesterday walking into the house for the first time with my realtor. It was a cold winter day in the middle of the afternoon with only feet marks on the sidewalk to guide my way. The room was pitch black thanks to the thick curtains and lack of overhead lighting (or lamps...). But, it screamed with potential. I opened up the closet and could see the wood floors under the carpet - gold.
Oh, ps, still have that record player by the front door. The nice people left it for me and I LOVE it. I just need to fix the speakers...

 So, obvi on day 1 we ripped out the carpet and my mom did a ceremonious taking down of the curtains to let in ALL THE LIGHT.

#TBT to when dad sawed a couch in half because we couldn't fit it out the door #funtimes

Since pulling up the carpet, we painted the walls a soft green, played musical furniture for about 2 years, and painted the trim. Have I mentioned that I painted the trim in the house? It was horrible, I think I blocked that weekend out of my memory #neveragain #jki'llprobablydoitagain.

ANYWHO, we are here for the money shots right? My cute lil home got some glamor shots done, which explains the nicer-than-i-take photos below, and the wide angle lens...

That cute lil rocking chair had to have been there aWHILE. When I was sanding the floors I had to go over that area juuuust a little more than the rest, grooves had set in where the legs are :)

More shots just 'cuz!

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