The Farewell Tour {main bathroom}

The next room on the Farewell Tour is the main floor bathroom. Here she is in all her glory on demo day 1:

This room presented the first bummer moment the house had. In the first weekend of owning the house we were ripping out alllll the carpet, which also included the carpet in the bathroom. Someone had the genius idea to carpet (glue) over the tile floor in the bathroom - I'm thinking so that grandma wouldn't slip and fall on the tile? IDK, BUT, turns out it takes awhile for carpet to dry! SO, after a few years, that wet carpet ate away at the tile below.

At first I had hopeful thoughts of salvaging the floor and patching in where the tiles had broke off. When you walked into the room there was a crunching noise from where the tile had separated from the concrete below (BUMMER!). And, YUP, two inches of concrete was below that hot mess, and it ALL had to go.

It took us about 2 nights to get rid of all of the concrete, and another day to prep the floors for tile! My first tile job! Woo!

Shout out to Roger & my fasha for helping lay the cement board and my father for helping me cut little pieces of tile to finish this beast off! Once the tile was in, I re-installed my concrete countertop vanity (which, has held up well!) with a re-finished base.

Wanna see the glamour shots? SURE YOU DO.

Can anyone explain to me the reason for toilet seat covers? And how to get ones to match PERFECTLY with the carpet? Like, do people use toilets as a chair at times? And Porcelain is just, too cold? Asking for a friend...

BTW, being without a bathroom (I moved in mid-bathroom reno) is a lot like camping in your own house. Jury is still out on which is worse to live-in-through: bathroom reno or kitchen reno. But all I know is...thank god for showers at work though AMIRIGHT?

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