The Farewell Tour {the dining room}

Shockingly, this room, the very one pictured below, is one of the reasons I bought this house. Yup, that wood paneling and floral window covers had me at hello.

YOU SEE, houses in the area RARELY have a dining room. They have what's lovingly called an 'eat in kitchen' which is fit for 2.5 people to successfully eat a meal not in front of a TV. But this had a full honkin' dining room, like one that could fit a TABLE, and BAR CART, and OMG a vintage record player!? Which, was left by the previous owner and I will forever refuse to let go of.

ANYWAYS. I grew up in a house that had family dinner every night and played games like we were competing for world records. So having a dining room was on my 'would be SUPER nice' list, but pipe dreams.

The dining room didn't have the beautiful wood floors in the rest of the house, it had some laminate that has held up well throughout the years, and I'm 98% sure was covering asbestos tile. So removing that was just NOT going to happen.

It took the boy about 2 weeks of coming to the house with those window treatments to finally take a screw driver to them one night and bid them farewell. After that, and removing the 'brow', ALL THE LIGHT came into this room *heart eyes*.

See above, record player. My plan, much to my mother's dismay, was to paint ALL the paneling/trim in the house white. The era of the house called for this grey-washing of trim? Which basically made the trim look dull. In and effort to NOT sand/stain/seal ALL of the trim, I opted to paint. Which I thought would be easier but omg IDK.

THANKFULLY, my family is crazy and all came over to help! Painting paneling took us 4 coats, 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint. Plus I painted the ceiling and walls that weekend. It's like, what didn't we paint in that room, huh?

The night before the troops came over, I washed everything down with TSP to remove YEARS of disgust. Oh man. Then I taped everything off (remember to use a credit card to seal the tape!) and we were READY TO GO!

Drum roll please...

The light fixture was a craigslist find, because I'm classy like that. Also, can you tell we are from Minnesota and have some deep pride?! OH, and the little bar cart? That was ALSO left in the house, which just got a fresh coat of spray paint to hide the faux wood treatment.

Such a great addition to the house, and it really opens up the kitchen next to it....which is the NEXT room on the farewell tour! WOO!